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Bunny Slippers PJOHoO by birdswii
Bunny Slippers PJOHoO
nico and leo doodles from a week or so ago, I put it on tumblr but forgot bout' here. 

little short scrawny boys who go in completely different directions to deal with their angst. gotta love it.
LadyLeo (Heroes of Olympus) by birdswii
LadyLeo (Heroes of Olympus)
I haven't been drawing much in general. not like full stuff. Just doodles. I ended up reading all of the last three percyjackson/heroesofolympus series in like. a day or two. so regardless of them not being like the best things out there, I am still very extremely attached to leo valdez. hes just this little weird elf creature that's basically if tony stark and hiccup had a baby, a baby with a LOT of issues. I like these things. 
and as i do to all the characters I feel strongly about, genderswapped him a bunch. mostly..parody-y kinda shit. cus..i'ma piece of shit. 
I still feel v awkward about putting art on tumblr, ..I'm not sure why? but idk. I do. 

so yeah, while the rest of the fandom is slamming nico into any male that moves..have some lady leo doodles. this is really like just the top of the iceberg that is the amount of PJO shit i've been doodling the last few days. and then the like 20k fanfics i've written without publishing. yeah. i'm...I got hit bad man. 

i have this mental excuse of being a writer not an artist professionally, so i'm allowed to slouch and not draw daily like i should be if I actually wanted to improve...which is why i have not improved. but ..yeah. doodles make everything seem undone on purpose and not just me not wanting to exert any actual effort. 
A Dark History FMA by birdswii
A Dark History FMA
you have no idea how long this took.
probably would have taken a lot longer if i know..put a lot of effort into it. 

it was basically just a story/mindcanon that I wanted to draw out but i'm..not....a very good artist. like that.

For those who ...need a glimpse into my mind to understand what the fuck this is. 

 The idea here is that, Marcoh meets a young lady as a young newly made medical alchemist.
    He falls in love not knowing that it was all a ploy by Envy, and the other homunculi to train more alchemists into creating philosopher stones. Envy, specifically, wants to make Marcoh do it because Marcoh is a bit of a nice kid and just wants to help people, which..Envy being Envy..finds repugnant. So, Envy begins to fuck with Marcohs head a bit. He would have already had an interest in the idea of the philosophers stone, being a doctor, but it isn't until the .."girl" suggests maybe there is a way to create them. And keeps pushing, and pushing until, years later, Marcoh finds himself creating the first stone. To his horror, he realizes the true nature of the philosophers stone, and then he finds out Envy's true nature. 
   Years later, Marcoh still finds himself more or less stuck in the same position, doing horrible acts because he honestly doesn't think there is an escape. Day in and day out, he is monitored, and frequently visited by Envy. Envy, who enjoys telling Marcoh about all the people they've killed. The innocent civilians, the bad guys, anyone Envy thinks will get the best reaction out of Marcoh, because on some level Marcoh still looks at Envy and sees the girl he met years ago..Envy knows that and uses it to their advantage. Mocking, 'humans' over and over again.
.....Then Ishbal happens, and Marcoh who had been still ..strung along of sorts, finally sees Envy in action. He'd heard things, but never really seen the largescale bloodshed almost purely due to Envy. That is enough to break any bond that once lingered, and so Marcoh finds a chance to run away and hide under a fake name. But even though Marcoh knew how, he still couldn't bring himself to kill Envy.
    Then, a few years later, when Lust dies and Envy gets the A-OK to go hunt down Marcoh again, because now they might need sacrifices.  And then the story progresses like the manga/fmab, in which Scar fakes Marcohs death and they head north. They end up hunted, and Marcoh by now knows Envy better than anyone, and knows that Envy wouldn't let anyone else besides themself go to capture Marcoh, and to kill anyone in the way purely out of spite. 
    Envy goes into their leviathan form, and Marcoh realizes what he has to do, which is what he probably should have done from the beginning, and takes Envy down. ....Still not willing to kill them though. So he sends little envy off with Mei, to another country, where Envy could never be a threat to anyone again..and never come back to haunt him ever again.

After the promised day, Marcoh sees Mei, and realizes that if Mei is here then there is a good chance Envy is too. But Marcoh never sees Envy, and when he runs into Edward he asks what had happened to Envy.. 
And then gets his answer. And realizes why Envy always spoke about humans the way they did. And maybe wonders, maybe, if he had figured out what Edward had as a young man, if maybe he could have saved Envy in some way.
But it was too late now. there you go. there is my............extremely long and quite wordy mind canon. 

a lot of these panels make me openly cringe and I know i could be like 'hey i could take like 5 minutes to fix that' but then i AUUUgggUUUUHHHHHH and just ...don't. so. here have this shitty long ass comic.

i purposely made marcoh look like marco from snk fight me about it they'd look the goddamn same if they were the same age i swear to god just take off his  fucking freckles. 
Rainbow by birdswii
hahahaha holy shit it has been awhile.

yeah no I still love mammon with the fury of one million suns.
and i'm still really angry at how khr ended. but mostly ive been writing and over on tumblr ..and..not actually drawing a ton.

I...did not spend a lot of time on this. I doodled it last night and then slapped on some color today. I know there is some shit there that is extremely off and terrible but hahhhhahaa fuck it. (also fuck levi i left him out on purpose. that'd be...levi a than..not..levi ackerman..but kind of fuck him too.)

I don't know what else to say besides..happy birthday mammon..and colonello. ..and me, since mine was the 9th. 
peace y'all.


United States
I be a young 24 years of age my good sir.
From Oregon. Spent most of my life in western washington.

I draw alot of weird shit

I Love Disney. Disney is my religion. Because all things belong to Disney.(No really, i'm pretty sure thats true. And what they havent gotten they will soon.)

Current Residence: Washington ( Theres alot of rain. always.)
Favourite style of art: ..Uh alot. Classical Paintings to Anime and Disney.
MP3 player of choice: Ematic. aka some cheap ass thing cus i'm a cheap ass
Wallpaper of choice: HTTYD
I haven't drawn much lately.

Okay, yes, technically I have. I just..either dont finish it to the level i'd feel comfortable posting on here...or..i..forget to post it.

Part of the reason is I am very rarely on DA much anymore. This is partly due to being on tumblr FAR more often, but also because 90% of the art on this DA is KHR related and..well I don't draw all anymore. I may at some point lapse back into a khr mood, and I may draw for it (actually I can pretty much promise I will, i tend to make...cycles with fandoms.)

SOO for the time  being, since I'm not on here much anymore


This is my tumblr. technically one I opened just a couple days ago. I have another, but it's personal cave where I just look at posts and never comment and never reblog.

This one is my..interactive..rebloggy...where I will be posting more arts and scribbles n shit. for fandoms I have. (I've tried to make a fandom/art blog before but i forgot where I put it soooo whoopsy)

So go follow me. If you only like me for khr weeeell i don't think it'll come up much. if you like me, or my art or any of my other fandoms thenn..flllyyy little birdies.

I am in no way deleting this account or even becoming 100% inactive. . the only time I would ever delete an account is...never actually. I don't like removing things i've done, even if i'm not as proud of them as I once was.
Website fads come and go. DA was is for awhile, tumblr is for the time being, maybe some day it will be here again..but for now..Go follow me on tumblr. (so far I have like no posts and the ones I did make are 90% k related. sooooooo yeah.)
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